EPR (Rotary Type)


Robust valve control device giving a confidence in reliable performance and outstanding durability under harsh working environments


- Easy maintenance
Precise calibration with simple SPAN and ZERO adjustments
Simple conversion to direct acting or reverse acting
1/2 split range available
Rugged aluminum housing with corrosion-resistant coating
Vibration resistant design
Stainless steel gauges standard
Restricted pilot valve orifice kit for small actuators included
Certified for ATEX Eex md IIB T5 (05 ATEX 1076X) by NEMKO in conformance with EN 50014:1997, EN 50018:2000 and EN 50028:1987
Certified for EMC (K1046/E04) in conformance with EN 61000-6-2:2001 and EN 61000-6-4:2001 by RWTUV
Certified for Ex md IIB T6 (99-1075-Q1), Ex md IIC T6 (2000-1057-Q1),and Ex ia IIB T6 (2000-1056-Q1) by KOSHA


- Position transmitter (4…20 output signal)
- 2 X SPDT limit switch
- 2 X P&F proximity sensor NJ2-V3-N
- Visual dome indicator
- High temperature


Rotary Type (cam feedback)
Input signal4~20 DC
Input resistance235 ± 15 Ω
Air supply Max. 7.0bar (100psi) free of oil, water, and moisture
Operating angle60 ~ 100°
Pneumatic connectionsRc 1/4 or NPT 1/4
Electrical connectionsG 1/2 or NPT 1/2
Protection classEx md IIB T6, Ex md IIC( H) T6, IP66, Ex ia IIB T6
Eex md IIB T5 for ATEX
Ambient temperature-20 ~ +70
Pressure gaugeStainless steel
Output characteristicsLinear
LinearityWithin ± 1.0% F.SWithin ± 1.5% F.S
SensitivityWithin ± 0.5% F.S
HysteresisWithin 1.0% F.S
RepeatabilityWithin ± 0.5% F.S
Air consumption5 LPM (Sup. 1.4 kgf/)
Flow capacity

80 LPM (Sup. 1.4 kgf/)

Materialaluminum die-cast
Weight 3.5 kg (with terminal box)
3.2 kg (without terminal box)

How to order

Pilot Valve Orifice
Position Feedback
Mounting Bracket
Description Code
Protection class :F : Flameproof KC / NEPSI Ex dmb IIB+H2 T6 
A : Flameproof KC Ex dmb IIC T6/T5
D : Flameproof IECEx Ex dmb IIC T6/T5
I : ATEX / IECEx intrinsically safe Ex ia IIC T6
W : Weatherproof to IP66
Feedback shaft : N : NAMUR shaft
     (direct mounting)
A : Fork lever M6×40L
B : Fork lever other size
     on request
Pressure gauge : 1 : 6 bar (90psi)
2 : 10 bar (150psi, standard)
Pilot valve orifice :S : Standard
(actuator volume over180)
M : Small orifice
     (Ø1.0 or Ø0.7)
(actuator volume 90~180)
Position feedback :N : None(standard)
O : Position transmitter
     (4-20 output signal)
L : 2×SPDT limit switch
P : 2×proximity sensor
     P&F NJ2-V3-N
M : O+L
Q : O+P
Description Code
Connection threads :
3 : Rc 1/4 – G 1/2 (standard)
4 : NPT 1/4 – NPT 1/2
5 : Rc 1/4 – M20 X 1.5
Dome Indicator : N : Flat indicator
D : Dome indicator
High temperature :
(only for weatherproof type)
T : 70 (standard)
H : 120 (without position
               feedback option)

     85(with position 
             feedback option)
Mounting bracket :

 ·Namur Shaft Type :

 ·Fork Lever Type :
N : None
R : Multi-size Namur bracket
     for DIN VDI/VDE 3845
×30×50 bracket
     on request)
F : DHCT bracket 80×30 for
     fork lever type
E : Multi-size NAMUR 
     bracket for fork lever type
     (130×30×50 bracket on